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YG Makina San. Trade Ltd. Sti. Our company officials, who have been working in the Prefabricated reinforced concrete sector for many years, have presented the pre-stressing machines and equipment they have made in the light of their knowledge to the Prefabrication Sector in our country. YG Makine has tested and tested the products it manufactures. It has adopted the principle of quality products, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement as a company policy.

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What are the Advantages of Prestressed Concrete?

Prestressed concrete is a type of concrete created using steel wires or bars that create tension within it. These steel elements are used to increase the strength of the concrete and prevent cracking or deformation.

The fundamental principle of prestressed concrete is that steel elements placed inside the concrete, when tensioned after the concrete hardens, create prestressing. This prestressing increases the tensile strength of the concrete, reducing or preventing cracks or deformations when additional loads are applied to the structure.

The advantages of prestressed concrete are as follows:

  • Higher Strength: Prestressing increases the strength of the concrete, allowing it to bear higher loads.
  • Crack Control: Prestressing ensures the control of cracks that may occur in the concrete.
  • Thinner Sections: It allows the use of thinner concrete sections for structures with the same load-carrying capacity, providing lightweight and aesthetic benefits to the structure.
  • Longer Spans: Prestressed concrete facilitates the passage of longer spans (such as bridges), providing flexibility in structural design.
  • Prestressed concrete is commonly used in the construction of bridges, beams, high-rise buildings, stadiums, and similar structures. This type of concrete ensures longer-lasting structures and helps reduce structural costs.

Some areas where prestressed concrete is used;


Prestressed concrete is used in the main structural elements of bridges, allowing for longer spans and fewer supporting columns.


In high-rise buildings, prestressed concrete is used in columns that bear the weight of the building and in slabs on the ground floor.


Prestressed concrete is used in dams, which are structures resistant to water, to increase their strength.


In areas with high traffic such as highways and airports, the use of roads made with prestressed concrete is more durable and long-lasting.


In tunnels, prestressed concrete is used to enhance the stability and strength of the structure.

Storage Tanks

Structures such as chemical storage tanks and oil tanks are constructed using prestressed concrete, resulting in a more durable and secure structure.